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30 years ago, this company began as a vision of Shri Gulshan Kumar; a farsightedness, which believed that the promise of tomorrow starts with the efforts made today. This belief has driven us to become a diversified group with $120 million in our core business that ranges from Music and Movie Production to consumer electronics, CDs, DVDs, Blue Rays, SD Cards, Printing, Publishing and Packaging.

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A concept adaptable to the development studio, the pre-press is where we project ideas to ready them for manifestation. The entire process of generating the ideas of our clients..


We believe that our clients’ ideas deserve the best projections. Here, we’d like to compliment the newly attained printing machinery by the T-Series Printing and Packaging Division.


Equipped with high configuration automatic machines and operated by skilled manpower, which ensures that the finishing results supersede the client’s expectations while maintaining the sync